Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons is a professional floral photographer who was based in Silicon Valley for about 10 years but now lives in the Northern Nevada desert. As he was photographing roses, a frequent visitor to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden saw him and said, "Oh, it's the flower photographer!" That moniker stuck, and Glenn added "of Silicon Valley." That's how he became The Flower Photographer of Silicon Valley. While he loves flowers, Glenn also occasionally photographs landscapes, classic cars, old trains and planes, in addition to doing some graphic art.

Glenn grew up in Freshwater, Calif., which is a rural redwood-forested valley on the North Coast of California, where it often rains more than there is sunshine. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world and it is often overlooked when people think of California. Many people associate California with Southern California, but Northern California is nothing like Southern California. In Humboldt County where Glenn lived, he used to joke there were more cows and sheep than people.